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    Benefits of Positive Politics to the Society

    Politics has become a part of every society and the people cannot do without it. Through this, a country is blessed with new leaders. However, most of the politics played have adverse impacts on the people of a country. Therefore, the politicians should adopt positive politics to take care of this. There are so many reasons that can convince one to settle for positive politics. Therefore, here is a list of some of the benefits of playing positive politics.

    Peace is one of the things that arise as a result of positive politic played in any nation. Politics is one of the leading causes of conflicts among the people in a nation. Most of the times it leads to civil wars. After the wars, so many lives are lost and many properties destroyed. Therefore, the leaders can evade this by practicing positive politics. With such, people understand their neighbors better.

    One of the reasons why positive politics is better for any society is that it promotes the growth of a nation. This means that the country gets the chance to develop so many things. Since it will enhance peace among the citizens, they get the chance to carry out development activities. So many things that can lead to the development of a country cannot take place when the people are not free. Due to political worries, the people may not get the opportunity to move to other places. Things like trade do not move on as required which interferes with the growth of the country. The conflicts that also arise because of political tensions leads to destruction of so many properties reducing the rate of development.

    The third benefit of positive politics is that it ensures that the people elect the right leaders for the country. The choice of the leaders that a country will have depends so much on the type of politics in place. With the best politics, the voters get the chance to make the right decisions. This is because they are awarded the freedom of expression. Failure to award such freedoms will ensure that they do not elect the best ones. Fear is one of the characteristics of negative politics that leads to the wrong choice of the people.

    Lastly, a country can gain a better name as a result of better politics. It guides the types of relationships that exits between the various countries in the world. Most countries tend to run away from the ones that are having political issues.

    In summary, this article has outlined some of the reasons why leaders should practice positive politics.

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